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One friendly stack for all data science, ML, and AI projects

Design and develop all data science and ML/AI applications easily with open-source Metaflow. Execute and deploy them on scalable, enterprise-grade infrastructure, powered by Outerbounds.

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  • You write your code locally, but you can’t really do your work unless you’re in the cloud.

    Ethan Rosenthal, Square

  • Velocity, validating, & versioning are the three properties of infra that dictate success.

    Shreya Shankar, UC Berkeley

  • There’s tons of value in being ‘T-shaped’, with exposure across the stack outside of norm.

    Russell Brooks,

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  • Data changes constantly, your infrastructure shouldn’t

    Experiment without chaos: Empower data scientists with human-friendly tools that work with infrastructure approved by engineers.

  • Diverse projects and people need an open source framework

    Data, ML, and AI projects come in different shapes and sizes: transformations, forecasting, deep learning. All benefit from a flexible open-source framework.

  • Deploy more experiments to production, faster

    Result: More data, ML and AI applications deployed to enterprise-grade infrastructure by happier people, producing sustainable business value.

An open-source, human-centric framework for developing data, ML, and AI apps

With Metaflow data scientists can design and develop projects independently. They can use their favorite libraries and deploy on infrastructure approved by their engineering team.

Access the full stack with one friendly API

Metaflow provides a simple Python interface to all elements of modern data, ML, and AI applications, so you can build production-ready applications quickly and independently.

A reliable platform for executing data, ML, and AI apps

Outerbounds Platform provides production-grade infrastructure for diverse data, ML, and AI apps, deployed on your cloud account, integrated to your systems and policies. Fully managed by the creators of Metaflow.

  • Secure by Design

    Security is in our DNA, not at the perimeter. The platform uses industry-standard tools and best practices to comply with your existing security policies and compliance requirements.

  • Efficient Compute

    Data-intensive apps are compute-intensive apps. The platform provides a scalable, cost-efficient compute for diverse workloads from data transformations to GPU-based deep learning.

  • Robust Integrations

    ML/AI and data apps can't produce value on an island. The platform integrates seamlessly with your surrounding infrastructure, from data warehouses to microservices.

  • Managed High Availability

    It takes a village to operate modern ML/AI and data infrastructure. Based on hard-earned lessons from Netflix and other top organizations, we provide a headache-free platform for your teams.

Backed by a vibrant open-source community

Since 2019, Metaflow has been adopted by hundreds of leading organizations across industries and used by thousands of engineers and data scientists. Join our vibrant community to learn more!

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Our data science team believes they were able to test twice as many models in Q1 2021 as they did in all of 2020, with simple experiments that would have taken a week now taking half a day.

Smarter machines, built by happier humans

The future will be powered by dynamic, data intensive systems - built by happy humans using tooling that gives them superpowers

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