First-Class Experiments

Foster a culture of experimentation and rapid innovation by deploying and testing variants easily - while keeping production safely isolated.

Foster a culture of experimentation

While there many ways to ship the first version of any system, are you able to improve it and test new ideas quickly and confidently? This is a true litmus test of a mature data and AI/ML platform.

Winning systems are not perfect initially but they are amenable to continuous improvement.

Explore with confidence

Metaflow provides tools for safe experimentation: Use @project to bundle flows, namespaces to isolate deployments, and tagging to organize work

Deploy A/B experiments and shadow variants without interfering with production. Integrate variants to CI/CD systems to deploy pull requests automatically for testing.

Innovate, experiment, and deploy faster than ever before

A big advantage of Metaflow and Outerbounds is that we started rolling out much more complex models. We used to have simple manually-built heuristics. In six weeks, a team that hadn’t used Metaflow before was able to build an ML-based model, A/B test its performance, which handily beat the old simple approach, and roll it out to production.

Thanasis Noulas, VP of Engineering, Trade Republic

Test experimentation features in the Metaflow sandbox

Test experimentation features in the Metaflow sandbox