Version and track everything

Track, version, and visualize code, models, artifacts, and executions automatically.

Complete visibility built-in

Metaflow makes it easy to move data and state across steps in a workflow. On the way, everything gets tracked, versioned, and persisted automatically.

If anything fails, you can resume execution from any step and inspect the state easily in the UI or in a notebook.

Visualize results

Use a simple Python API to create custom report cards. No need to learn a yet another visualization library: Metaflow Cards work with libraries you are already using, such as Plotly and Matplotlib.

Cards are versioned and stored automatically, so your work stays neatly organized, both during experimentation and production.

Access, analyze, and collaborate

Artifacts are automatically namespaced, allowing teams to collaborate without interference. Experiments and production stay cleanly isolated.

You can access artifacts across flows and analyze experiments with a simple programmatic API.

Test versioning and tracking in the Metaflow sandbox

Test versioning and tracking in the Metaflow sandbox