Built-in Cloud Workstations

Develop data-intensive projects in a consistent, productivity-boosting, secure environment with familiar VSCode and Jupyter notebooks.

A modern development environment for data, AI, and ML work

Connect your local VSCode to an always-on, personal cloud workstation. Use Jupyter notebooks for exploration. Develop and debug Metaflow runs in the cloud seamlessly.

No more discrepancies between the development environment and production, problems with inconsistent libraries, insecure data access, and slow wifis.

Secure and performant

In contrast to many other cloud workstations and notebooks, these workstations run on your own cloud account, within the bounds of your own security policies and SSO, managed by the Outerbounds Platform.

The result is drastically higher performance for data-intensive work and more control over data governance and data security.

Develop code, data, and models in harmony

Develop production-ready workflows with state-of-the-art software development tools while exploring data, models, and artifacts in notebooks.

Observe results in a UI and scale out execution in the cloud with a single click.

See modern development environment for data and ML in action

See modern development environment for data and ML in action