Security & Compliance

Operate everything on your AWS account in the geographic region of your choice, secured by your policies and SSO.

All data and processing on your account

Outerbounds deploys on your cloud account, so all data and processing stays under your governance. Outerbounds manages the infrastructure 24/7 through a control plane, combining the benefits of a SOC2-certified fully managed service with the security and compliance of an on-prem solution.

End-to-end identity

The platform integrates with your SSO provider, such as Google or Okta, making user management straightforward. Thanks to the integrated platform, the identity is managed consistently from prototype to production, including stages that go through CI/CD systems.

Bring your own policies

The platform supports diverse AI, ML, and data projects. You can define specific outer bounds for each project, making sure they stay secure and compliant by default.

When using the platform, users rely on your existing IAM roles, managed secrets, and other resources - all tracked in comprehensive audit logs - so you can integrate data and ML in surrounding systems confidently.

Define policies that allow you to sleep comfortably

We are a bank, everything we do needs to be auditable. This means we need to be able to reproduce everything that has been in production. Outerbounds gives us that for free, as all models and metadata are versioned. I sleep much more comfortably knowing this.

Thanasis Noulas, VP of Engineering, Trade Republic

Schedule a call to review how the platform works with your policies

Schedule a call to review how the platform works with your policies