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Debugging Flows

How can I train a Keras neural network inside of a Metaflow task?

Grid Search with Metaflow

I want to do a grid search with Metaflow. How can I use ParameterGrid and GridSearchCV with Metaflow?

Random Forest Flow

What is a Metaflow flow? How can you it help me operationalize a Random Forest model?

Tracking Results

What is a Metaflow flow? How can I inspect results of a flow after it is done running?

Use Scikit-learn Estimators with Metaflow

I have a Scikit-learn workflow that I want to incorporate into a Metaflow flow. How can I include model fitting, prediction, feature transformations, and other capabilities enabled by Scikit-learn in flow steps?

Versioning Code and Models

Versioning code is standard practice in all software domains. What new versioning considerations are relevant when building machine learning models?