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Announcing the Outerbounds Platform
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One platform for all your data, ML, and AI projects

Design and develop data intensive projects with human-friendly, open-source Metaflow. Run, scale, and deploy them reliably on the fully managed Outerbounds Platform.

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Design and develop with

Run and execute on the fully managed

Outerbounds Platform





Track, version and observe automatically

  • Access data securely from your existing data warehouses

  • Compute with a cluster optimized for scale and cost

  • 24/7 managed orchestration for production workflows

  • Use results to power any application

Give your data scientists superpowers, approved by your engineers

Outerbounds Platform allows data scientists to develop rapidly, experiment at scale, and deploy to production confidently. All within the outer bounds of policies and processes defined by your engineers, running on your cloud account, fully managed by us.

  • SOC

    Secure & SOC2 Compliant

    Security is in our DNA, not at the perimeter. The platform adapts to your policies and compliance requirements through multiple layers of security: Centralized auth, a strict permission boundary, granular task execution roles, and seamless secrets management. Naturally no data or code ever leaves your account.

  • Managed High Availability

    Outerbounds Platform encapsulates years of experience and hard-earned lessons in managing demanding, business-critical ML and data workloads. It provides a headache-free experience for data scientists and engineers alike - backed by responsive, dedicated support.

  • Efficient Compute

    At the core of Outerbounds Platform is a scalable, cost-optimized, fully managed Kubernetes cluster which is specifically tuned for data-intensive batch workloads, including demanding GPU needs of modern AI. Based on your needs, the cluster can be optimized for cost, SLA, and performance.

  • Flexible Integrations

    To produce sustainable business value, data, ML, and AI needs to be tightly integrated into data sources, surrounding systems, and business processes. Encapsulate your business logic in custom extensions and configure the platform to react to external events in real-time.

Deploy in your cloud account in minutes. Start shipping projects on the same day.

Save operational resources, increase uptime, reduce risk, and lower AWS costs - and make engineers and data scientists happy.

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Iterate and innovate on models and business logic over infrastructure that just works

Modern data, ML, and AI applications require an intricate stack of infrastructure. Outerbounds Platform encapsulates hard-earned lessons and best practices from hundreds of organizations, so you can use your engineering muscle to help your business, not to reinvent the wheel.

Outerbounds Platform

Self Service Metaflow Stack

Unintegrated Point Solutions

Human-friendly development of data science & ML workflows


Deployed in your cloud account

Depends on vendor

Support local prototyping and testing

Depends on vendor

Unified tracking and versioning across the stack

Requires multiple vendors

Define business logic in open-source without lock-in

Depends on vendor

Integrates seamlessly to your existing infrastructure

Depends on vendor

Strongly backwards compatible to avoid costly migrations


Enterprise-grade security, auth, and compliance

With effort

Depends on vendor

Scalable, cost-optimized orchestration and compute

With effort

Requires multiple vendors

Fine-tune and use custom foundation models

With effort


Managed, real-time eventing to connect to surrounding systems

With effort

Depends on vendor

24/7 monitoring, operations, and SLA for the full stack

With effort

Requires multiple vendors

Dedicated support for your data science and engineering teams

With effort

Depends on vendor

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Talk to a real knowledgeable human being, not an AI (although we can help you build one).

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