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Operating Metaflow

Metaflow is a Python library that is nearly maintenance free. We promise that its public APIs are stable and backwards compatible, so users can upgrade the library safely without having to worry about breaking any existing flows. When it comes to the end user experience, the main operational concern is to provide a proper configuration that allows the library access to the deployed infrastructure.

Metaflow comes with an optional centralized metadata service that may require periodic upgrades as well, as new features become available. Typically, upgrading the service is simply a matter of a straightforward redeployment of the deployed microservice. Infrequently, a database migration is required which we have tried to make as painless as possible. Take a look at the Metaflow Service Migration Guide for details.

If you are interested in using Metaflow with Apache Airflow, see Using Airflow with Metaflow.

To configure support for distributed computing on AWS Batch, see Distributed Computing.

You can also learn about technical details behind event triggering in Metaflow.