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Everything you need to develop data science and ML apps

Metaflow is an open-source Python framework that makes it easy to develop and deploy diverse data and ML apps. It was originally developed at Netflix by us to support a wide variety of real world use cases.

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Metaflow is trusted by hundreds of leading organizations

A friendly stack for data-intensive apps

Modern data and ML apps require a thick stack of infrastructure from integrations to data warehouses and scalable compute layers to workflow orchestration and versioning. Metaflow provides one human-friendly API to the full stack which allows data scientists to focus on modeling and business logic, and engineers on providing stable infrastructure.

What Metaflow users say

Accelerating experimentation with MLOps

The team has shaved months off the time it takes to build a productionized machine learning model.

Accelerating ML within CNN

Our data science team believes they were able to test twice as many models in Q1 2021 as they did in all of 2020.

Developing safe and reliable ML products at 23andMe

Our complex, multi-stage workflows are codified and orchestrated using Metaflow.

Getting started with the open source data science tool Metaflow on AWS

Metaflow makes using the power of AWS as easy as running a single command—no infrastructure knowledge required.

Join our vibrant open-source community

Metaflow is used by a wide variety of companies from biotech and fintech to real estate and e-commerce, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Join our welcoming, beginner-friendly community of thousands of data scientists and engineers on Metaflow Slack.

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Learn to build real-world ML and data apps quickly

Self-Service or Fully Managed - Choose how you want to run Metaflow

You can get started with our open-source stack. When your apps become business-critical, upgrade to a secure and scalable Outerbounds Platform that runs on your cloud account, fully managed by us.

Open Source

Self-Service Deployment


Fully Managed Platform

  • Deployed directly in your cloud account
  • Integrates with your systems & policies
  • Basic functionality included, customize as needed
  • Fully managed with dedicated support
  • Enterprise grade auth and security
  • Cost optimized, scalable compute
  • Highly available workflow orchestration

Smarter machines, built by happier humans

The future will be powered by dynamic, data intensive systems - built by happy humans using tooling that gives them superpowers

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