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A data future we all believe in

We see a future built on dynamic, data intensive systems that are evolving constantly. And to this end, we are building tools for data scientists and engineers to work seamlessly together with their existing infrastructure.

Our story

Our roots are at Netflix, where we started Metaflow – an open-source framework that helps people with diverse domain expertise design, experiment, and deliver data-intensive projects that make a difference.

We saw that successful projects were delivered by data scientists and engineers who can work on end-to-end workflows independently, focusing on data, science, and business logic, rather than pointless plumbing.

Over the past years, we have worked with hundreds of companies and over a thousand data scientists and engineers to make this a reality in their environments.

We now want to make this radical ability to create business value as accessible as we can, valuing creativity and exploration as machine learning will come in many forms and be used in myriad ways.

We want to provide a coherent, human-friendly way to develop all your ML, AI, and data science applications through open-source Metaflow. You can deploy and run the apps reliably on scalable, enterprise-grade infrastructure, powered by Outerbounds.

This stack will empower the data scientist to use their smarts and human creativity to the fullest: enabling creativity in a dynamic, stable and future-facing environment.

Our values

We believe in systems that combine code and data, order and change, machines and humans in novel, creative ways

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    Change is constant

    Companies, teams, and code bases are always evolving. We are building Outerbounds to grow with you.

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    Flexible foundations

    Science is experimental by nature. Tools that accelerate science need to be dynamic and flexible in order to be effective.

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    Do more with less

    We want to build Outerbounds so you can prioritize the smallest of projects, and scale to many of them, with the same team.

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    In community

    If you have questions or issues, we actually respond—and quickly. Our community is our biggest asset.

Meet the team

Our investors

We are fortunate to work with some of the best investors

Work with us

We want to make Outerbounds as accessible as we can — so it works for everyone. Come let’s build the modern, human-centric infrastructure stack for machine learning together.

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