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Spring Tour 2024

We had tons of fun meeting and chatting with data scientists, ML/AI developers, founders, leaders, and infrastructure engineers in real-life last fall. This spring we are hitting the road again with a series of conferences and meetups, both in North America and Europe.

If you are interested in developing ML/AI systems in practice, find our experts at these events to share notes and learn what you can do with Outerbounds and open-source Metaflow today. Sign up below - we are looking forward to meeting you!

North America

March 18-21: NVIDIA GTC, San Jose, California

We’re excited to be in San Jose next week for NVIDIA GTC. Stop by Booth 1705 to meet the team and ask all your burning questions about developing GPU-powered systems easily, including custom LLMs and other GenAI apps, cost optimization, and more. Also, stay tuned for some very exciting announcements at GTC!

March 26-28: Data Council, Austin, Texas

Our next stop in Austin, Texas, later this month, at Data Council, will have Ville Tuulos talk about Beyond MLOps: Building AI systems with Metaflow. He will provide an overview of how Metaflow helps you build novel, differentiated AI-powered systems that require large-scale data engineering, model training, content embedding, inference, and more. If you are in Austin, come say hi!

April 15-17: Bio-IT World Expo, Boston, Massachusetts

In April, we will make our debut at the Bio-IT World Expo, where the team will demo how Outerbounds and Metaflow have enabled companies like 23&Me, GE, Intuitive, Merck, Medtronic, Sanofi, and more to operate at the bleeding edge of AI-enabled drug discovery and precision medicine. We will also feature our recent work on the new Geneformer foundation model. Meet us at Booth 308 to learn more!

April 23-26: Open Data Science Conference East, Boston, Massachusetts

Later in April, we are excited to be back at ODSC East in Boston, where our team will discuss the fast-paced landscape of ML/AI tooling, where you should pay attention, what’s real now, and what’s coming in the future. Our t-shirts were a huge hit at ODSC West, so make sure to visit us at Booth 34 before they are gone again!


March 19-22: KubeCon EU, Paris, France

We are thrilled to be in Paris for KubeCon EU, our first pit stop in Europe, to engage with you and share our learned experiences building ML/AI systems and cloud-prem platforms at scale! Find us at Booth J26 through the week for live demos, deep dives with our engineers on ML, AI, and data science on Kubernetes, and tons of cool swag!

On March 21st, along with our friends at probabl (the creators of scikit-learn), join us after hours for a networking happy hour as we bring together fellow builders and practitioners to trade notes, build peer-to-peer relationships, and discuss the latest on ML/AI infrastructure! RSVP here!

March 27: Machine Learning Mixer, London, United Kingdom

Across the channel from Paris, we will be posting up in London for our first mixer with AICamp at The International Dispute Resolution Center. This evening of talks and drinks will focus on answering what is real and what is a myth in the world of ML/AI tooling—the grandiose ideas that may never work in practice vs. the real-world daily struggles of a data scientist still waiting to be addressed. RSVP here!

April 2: Machine Learning Mixer with PyData & Adyen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Together with our friends at PyData and Adyen, we are hosting an evening mixer in the heart of Amsterdam with leaders and practitioners in the ML/AI industry. We love PyData events, so come and chat with us about the Python data ecosystem, the latest in ML/AI, or cloud infrastructure. RSVP here!

April 9: Meetup: Metaflow Edition, Berlin, Germany

We are excited to be in Berlin with our friends at to host an evening of discussions centered around war stories building & supporting ML/AI systems from scores of organizations like Netflix, Amazon, Delivery Hero, Deliveroo, and more! RSVP here!

April 11: ML & Software Supply Chain, Berlin, Germany

Following up on our philosophy of Good MLOps is Good ML Software Supply Chain, we are excited to partner with our friends at (the team behind mamba, rattler, and pixi) to bring you an evening of talks and conversations focused on dependency management, software supply chain in ML, and how to build secure ML systems without sacrificing velocity. RSVP here!

April 21: Open Source ML Mixer: Metaflow, SpaCy, Rasa Edition, Berlin, Germany

Along with our friends at Explosion and Rasa, we are hosting a pre-party for PyCon DE where the teams behind Metaflow, SpaCy, and Rasa will discuss their journey so far, what’s new, and where these projects are headed in 2024! RSVP here!

Reach out to learn more or to schedule a dedicated 1:1 conversation ahead of these events.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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