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Event: Machine Learning + Infrastructure for Humans

We recently celebrated two book launches with a panel and release party during a live event on YouTube. Watch it here:

With the machine learning space maturing quickly, we are in increasing need of relevant, technical, and state-of-the-art educational resources, which is why we’re excited to have a panel and release party for two new books:

  • Designing Machine Learning Systems by Chip Huyen, co-founder and CEO of Claypot AI, and a writer and computer scientist who builds infrastructure for real-time ML and teaches Machine Learning Systems Design at Stanford, and
  • Effective Data Science Infrastructure by Ville Tuulos, co-founder and CEO of Outerbounds, the company behind human-centric, full-stack platform for ML and data science powered by open-source Metaflow.

We will chat with Chip and Ville about:

  • the pressing challenges in ML education,
  • what data scientists need to know about practical ML in moving from research and prototype to production, and
  • how these education projects fit into the broader context of the full machine learning stack.

We’re also excited to announce a new machine learning playground that we’re building at Outerbounds to help data scientists learn the full stack of production-ready ML without having to install anything locally.

We’ll be giving away copies of the books in a raffle during the livestream and we’ll also host an async AMA with Chip and Ville afterward at!

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