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Building AI/ML Without In-house Resources

Today, we are announcing our partnership with Codemate, a consulting firm that helps enterprises develop and deploy bespoke software solutions, including AI/ML. The partnership brings together the power of the Outerbounds platform and the proven consulting services of Codemate, so you can deliver unique, end-to-end AI/ML-powered applications with as many or as few in-house resources as needed.

Since 2019, we have helped hundreds of leading organizations build AI/ML systems, originally with open-source Metaflow, and now with the Outerbounds platform. Outerbounds provides all the infrastructure required by modern ML and AI systems, from data access and compute to observability, deployed as a fully managed service to minimize the engineering effort required by MLOps teams.

Shared responsibility model

With Outerbounds, your data scientists and AI/ML engineers can focus on pushing valuable features and capabilities, rather than worry about the management of platform infrastructure. This division of work is neatly captured by our Shared Responsibility Model:

This model is designed for organizations that have existing data, ML, or AI developers who are capable of implementing systems on top of the platform, leveraging our developer-friendly APIs. In cases like this, the platform boosts the developer productivity significantly, allowing them to iterate quickly and ship confidently.

Turn-key AI/ML solutions on Outerbounds with Codemate

What if you want to integrate data, ML, or AI into your products and services, but lack the necessary developer resources or expertise? Or, perhaps you wish to spike a custom solution with these new technologies without interfering with your existing projects and teams.

With Outerbounds-certified professional services, you can now implement ML/AI solutions on Outerbounds quickly and efficiently, requiring minimal internal resources or expertise.

To kick off the offering, we are partnering with Codemate, a software development agency headquartered in Finland with presence in Asia and North America, which has been helping organizations build digital services for over 17 years. Thanks to the partnership, you can lean on Codemate to understand your AI/ML needs and augment your teams, while benefiting from the robust, battle-hardened infrastructure provided by Outerbounds.

Codemate is no stranger to Metaflow - they have been actively contributing to Metaflow for years, ever since they worked with Netflix to develop the Metaflow UI. Besides Metaflow, Codemate is a trusted partner of Google's Flutter ecosystem, where they have been helping brands like Burger King and Taco Bell develop top-tier consumer applications leveraging generative AI. Besides the consumer sector, Codemate is active in various industrial applications and defense tech.

Thanks to the partnership, you gain access to the expertise needed to build end-to-end systems powered by AI and ML, spanning all sectors, from consumer to enterprise. Out partnership can assist you in creating anything from AI-powered consumer mobile apps to privacy-sensitive document understanding systems using state-of-the-art large language models - thanks to Outerbounds' integration with NVIDIA NIM LLMs - or, say, predictive ML models for industrial maintenance.

Services to match your needs

You can customize the quality and quantity of services to meet your needs. In the simplest scenario, you can share your vision and guidance, and receive a turnkey solution with no resources required from your side. Alternatively, you can augment your existing teams with Codemate’s data, ML/AI, and software engineers, who possess deep expertise with the Outerbounds platform.

The shared responsibility model can be customized to fit your needs:

By combining your data and domain expertise, Codemate’s professional services, and the robust platform provided by Outerbounds, you can create custom, differentiated ML/AI solutions and ship them to market faster than ever before.

Not your usual consultant-driven AI/ML project

The combined offering provides a number of benefits over typical consultant-driven projects:

  • Fully equipped team, working on a proven foundation - Depending on your needs, you can get help in setting up data pipelines, models, software engineering, integrations to your existing systems, or all of the above. Everything delivered on a proven, fully-managed platform to reduce technical and execution risk.

  • Reduced time to market - Thanks to the platform, all development focuses on your business logic, data, and models. As no effort is spent on building or setting up infrastructure, development cycles are faster and the time to market is reduced.

  • Reduced cost - Besides fewer development hours needed on the platform, you will benefit from the cost minimization functionality built in Outerbounds to reduce cloud expenses, and transparent, predictable pricing both for the platform as well as for the professional services.

  • Security and compliance - The solution runs securely in your (cloud) premises on a SOC2 certified platform, on any region, on all the major clouds and on-prem, battle-hardened in highly regulated environments.

  • Minimal operational overhead - Once the solution is functional, it can run and stay in production with minimal human intervention. Outerbounds manages the platform 24/7.

  • Smooth handover - You can move ownership to your internal teams without friction. They can take over idiomatic code and models built on a common, well-documented, and widely-used platform.

After initial discovery calls, our projects start with a proof of value and an Outerbounds trial, to ensure that you will be able to realize the desired outcome quickly.

After the proof of value phase has completed successfully, the development proceeds in quick iterations, following our best practices for continuous delivery of ML and AI projects. This phase can continue as long as needed. Once the solution has been successfully deployed in production, it can move to the maintenance phase and/or it can be handed over to your internal teams.

Let's implement your ML/AI vision

There are countless opportunities to utilize AI and ML, both to improve existing (human) workflows and applications, as well as to craft novel AI-powered experiences. In most organizations, the bottleneck to adoption is not a lack of imagination but rather concerns about available resources, risks, and cost.

With the model outlined above, we can help address the concerns to unblock your ideas. If you have ideas on how to apply ML or AI, but lack the internal resources or expertise to realize the vision, let’s talk! Just send an email to or initiate an Outerbounds deployment to get started.

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