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NLP Tutorial Setup

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Natural Language Processing with Metaflow

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Run on your own Infrastructure

To run this tutorial locally or with your own Metaflow deployment, you will need to clone the repository, and then install dependencies using an environment manager of your choice. In the repository you will find the necessary dependencies in a env.yml file for conda. You can install them by following these instructions.

1Clone the Repository

git clone

2Install Dependencies with Conda

To run the tutorial, you need to install the required dependencies via conda. We have included a conda environment in the form of an env.yml file for you to use. You can install the environment via the following command:

We are using mamba instead of conda because it is significantly faster. However, you can use conda if you want to.

cd tutorials/nlp
conda install mamba -n base -c conda-forge
mamba env create -f env.yml
conda activate mf-tutorial-nlp

3Running the Tutorials

Please follow the instructions in each lesson for running either the associated Python script or Jupyter Notebook.