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Fireside chat #1: How to Produce Sustainable Business Value with Machine Learning

We’re super excited to be having our first fireside chat. Check out the details below and you can register for it here.

Hilary Parker, a data scientist and independent consultant who has worked at Stitch Fix, Etsy, and as a data science product manager for the 2020 Biden for President Campaign, joins Hugo Bowne-Anderson and Outerbounds to talk about product management (PM) for products powered by machine learning (ML) and how to produce sustainable business value with ML.

The modern capabilities of data science and machine learning are wonderful but, as an industry, we’re still figuring out how to generate sustainable business value with them, for the majority of businesses and industries. In this fireside chat, Hilary and Hugo will discuss what ML is useful for (and what it isn’t!), when companies should adopt ML, and what failure modes of ML-powered products we should all keep in mind.

After attending, you’ll know

  • Best practices for PM’ing data and ML-powered software and products;
  • What data scientists need to know about product management for data-powered products;
  • Key failure modes that get in the way of delivering business value with ML;
  • How companies and data science functions in organizations can think about producing sustainable business value with ML.

The fireside chat will be followed by an AMA with Hilary Parker at

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