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Metaflow Sandbox

This Sandbox offers a test environment where you can evaluate Metaflow for free, right from your Browser.

Get started in 3 easy steps

1Sign Up with your Google or Github Account

Sign Up for a Sandbox

2Allow the Sandbox a few minutes to warm up

3Tour 7 lessons, designed to try out Metaflow

Metaflow at Work

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Before you deploy a full stack of data science infrastructure in your environment, which requires some engineering effort, you may want to take it for a test drive. To this end, we provide hosted Metaflow Sandboxes which allow you to evaluate Metaflow and the infrastructure powering it for free, in the browser, without having to install anything locally.

To give you a taste of a full-fledged data science environment, each sandbox is equipped with its own private compute cluster, datastore, metadata service for experiment tracking, and a Metaflow GUI, as well as an in-browser VSCode code editor. Get started by signing up here.

Using the sandbox for your own experiments

By clicking the Free Play in the What Next section, you can close the lessons and use the sandbox as a general-purpose compute environment to conduct your own experiments.

You may download publicly available online datasets, use Metaflow to process them, and execute any Metaflow flows in the sandbox. For instance, you can use the sandbox to go through Metaflow tutorials.


As described in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, the sandbox is only meant for evaluation purposes, not for production use. Don't use them to store or process privacy-sensitive data, or to conduct business-critical activities.

Need more time or resources?

As sandboxes are meant for lightweight evaluation of Metaflow, they expire automatically after a few days, at which point all data stored in your sandbox is deleted permanently. Check your account page for the status of your sandbox. If the sandbox has expired, feel free to request a new one.

If you want to keep a sandbox alive for an extended period of time, e.g. for a deeper evaluation or to organize an event around Metaflow, reach out to us on Slack so we can extend the trial period for you.

Also note that the free sandboxes provide only a fraction of compute resources available in a typical production cluster. If you need access to more resources, ping us on Slack.

Metaflow at work

If you enjoyed Metaflow backed by a managed compute, versioning, workflow orchestration, showcased by the sandbox, take a look at Outerbounds Platform which provides the same benefits and more, deployed securely in your cloud account.