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AWS Deployment Guide

This document outlines how to deploy AWS resources for Metaflow's AWS integrations and configure your Metaflow installation to interact with these resources. After you have deployed the server-side on AWS, you need to provide the corresponding configuration to all the users of Metaflow.

We provide two alternative approaches for deploying Metaflow on AWS. The first one is the easiest approach if you are not opinionated about your AWS setup. Choose the second manual approach if you want more flexibility.

The simple approach: Deploy with AWS CloudFormation or Terraform

Deploying and configuring AWS resources can be non-trivial. To address that, we have an AWS CloudFormation template that completely automates the entire process of standing up all AWS resources needed by Metaflow.

AWS CloudFormation Deployment

We also provide an equivalent Terraform template, in case you prefer Terraform over AWS Cloudformation.

Terraform Deployment

The flexible approach: Manual deployment

We also understand that at times, for various organizational reasons, you might not be comfortable deploying an external CloudFormation template within your AWS account. To that end, we have also listed steps that can help you set up all the AWS resources needed manually via the AWS console.

Manual Deployment

Other approaches

Terraform also supports directly creating a cloud formation stack, wherein you can directly embed our CloudFormation template in your Terraform configuration. We are always happy to lend a helping hand if you need to discuss more involved deployments - please get in touch with us.

For help or feedback, please join Metaflow Slack. To suggest an article, you may open an issue on GitHub.

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